ISO earl TI DSP kits

David Gesswein djg at
Sat Mar 7 13:38:39 CST 2020

My previous employer likely still has the the in circuit emulator for the 
TMS32010 unless they cleaned up. If the CHM is intereted in it I can 
enquire if they would like to donate it.

I know I have some of the stuff since previous work used them as fast 
microcontrollers.  Should have the data books though I think they were
perfect bound. May have others that I snagged when it was being thrown out.

I have the wirewrap prototype of the radar scan converter where we used the

I found around 70 disks for the TMS320C30 and TMS340x0. I can read these
Let me know your current desires for archiving such as IMD or files, text label 
info or disk pictures etc.  Do you want the TMS340 graphics processor disk 
images also?

Small chance I have some TMS32010 stuff though not likely to find it any
time soon. Earliest work was on VAX and I know that is all gone. I didn't
personally do any of the '10 work.

On Fri, Mar 06, 2020 at 11:53:27AM -0800, Al Kossow wrote:
> CHM doesn't seem to have much early DSP stuff in the collection
> Does anyone have any of the TMS32010/20/30 or C1x/2x/3x hw/sw kicking around?
> Other than the docs I've scanned there doesn't seem to be much on the web either.
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