Mystery 1970 core board

s shumaker shumaker at
Wed Mar 4 18:24:17 CST 2020

On 3/3/2020 4:18 PM, Jules Richardson via cctalk wrote:
> Hopefully collective wisdom can help on this one - does anyone have a 
> clue what system this core board was from: 
> The curved edge connectors (presumably to make board insertion easier) 
> are quite distinctive, plus the way the power's fed in via an edge 
> connector on the "far" side of the board. What's interesting to me is 
> the core ring size; the TTL ICs on the board have 1970 date codes, but 
> I didn't think that the rings got quite that small until right at the 
> end of core's era, more toward the end of the decade.
> It seems to be 8 blocks of 64x64, i.e. 4KB. p/n on the main board of 
> 2001000755, and just hidden from view under the core daughterboard is 
> a logo that says "LEC", which I suppose might be meaningful.
> There's a bigger (2181x1863) image as "coreboard.jpg" in the same dir 
> if more detail helps (I doubt it), but it's 2.4MB so maybe save Jay's 
> bandwidth by only looking at that one if you absolutely have to :-)
> thanks,
> Jules
LEC was the Lockheed Electronics Company, Avionics and Industrial 
Products Division, located in Los Angeles.  part number noted matches 
their part numbering structure.  I have manuals for two of their devices 
that were rack mountable core memory systems.  The CE-100 product 
brochure described it as 4K, 8K, &16K words up to 36bits targeting small 
and medium computer central memory.


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