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Mon Mar 2 03:08:04 CST 2020

On Sat, 22 Feb 2020, Stefan Skoglund via cctalk wrote:

> fre 2020-02-21 klockan 14:17 +0100 skrev Christian Corti via cctalk:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for information about Westward graphics workstations,
>> especially for the 2019 (from about 1983) and the 2220 (about 1987).
>> Christian
> I believe that is the type of terminals that my school (Skövde Sweden)
> had when i was there in 1987-88. (PRIME 9955 II and Medusa)

Similar here - the uni I was at in Scotland had one of those big Primes 
and a single Westward terminal running the CAD/CAM (Medusa) stuff.

Just a big colour serial temrinal by todays standards, but must have cost 
a small fortune back then. It had a graphics tablet with a 4 button puck 
with magnifier to help accurate digitisation of existing engineering 
drawings as I recall.


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