DEC part number system

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Dec 31 18:38:26 CST 2020

    > From: Antonio Carlini

    > It was (iirc) described in DEC STD 012 (the part numbering standard) ...
    > I do have (or did have) a DEC STDs CD at one point, but my copy of that
    > seems to be missing DEC STD 012. ... I've no idea why this one might be
    > missing.

It looks like you already uploaded it to Manx:

Looking though that led me to DEC STD 012-2 "Unified Numbering Code for Part
Identifier Class Codes":

which was exactly what I wanted. It's not the thing I remembered, but as DEC's
official list, in some ways it's better (although it's so detailed it's kind
of overkill :-)!

    > From: Vincent Slyngstad

    > the "Spare Parts List" links on this page are relevant:

Volume II had a brief but early 'class code' list; I made good use of it.

Thanks everone! Much appreciated!


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