DEC part number system

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Dec 31 14:48:48 CST 2020

So, DEC part numbers (xx-yyyyy-zz) have a system where the 'xx' says what
_kind_ of part it is; e.g. bootstrap PROMs are all 23-xxxxx-yy. I seem to
recall reading at some point something which listed all the xx- codes, and
what they meant - but now I can't find it. A Web search didn't turn it up, and
it's not in the 1974 'engineering handbook'?

Does anyone recall seeing it, and if so, where?

Obviously, I could look through a bunch of print sets, and reconstruct it
(e.g. 90- seems to mean mounting hardware - nuts and bolts, etc) but I'd
rather not put the time and energy into reconstructing the wheel, unless
there's no other way.


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