Hey, I got a Perq_T2 image!!!

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Thu Dec 31 14:20:07 CST 2020

Well, after waiting almost a month for the USPS to deliver a "Priority 
Mail 1 day" package from Dave I now have the MFM reader card. So I 
started working on these disks I rescued. First up was a ST506 (labelled 
"RD50" by DEC) and a pair of ST412's.

Bad news: No drives spun up
Good news: You can take the controller board off the drives and spin the 
spindles by hand.
Better news: The spindles spun (clockwise, viewed from bottom)
Best news: spinning while powering on got all three to spin up.

So far I imaged the RD50 (possibly a Rainbow or a Pro/350) and one of 
the ST412's. It came up as a PERQ_T2 format and I have two dumps of the 
disk with only one bad sector reported.

Anyone know what to do with this kind of image? I've powered down the 
drives and will store them till I can figure out how to make them run 
more quietly....


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