Ouch, but 2 Perqs out.

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Tue Dec 22 10:28:54 CST 2020

> I can see that it was a long day - but you are doing good work! Keep it
> up!
> Whereabouts is all this heavy lifting taking place, in the US? I wouldn't
> have expected to see ICL Perqs so far from home ...

They're here in the US: I think one of these came from Sparrows Point 
Beth Steel, I remember seeing one like it in my long since ex 
girlfriends' house in the 1980's. That brings back bad memories, but I 
think the juju has faded by now.

> The brown one is the original Perq 1, as you now know. Since you have
> take out the hard disk (14 inch Shugart, as I recall) be aware that it
> should be stored upright. The platters had a tendency to warp under their
> own weight when stored sideways.

Got it. I didn't take the disk out, one is in a frame of a Perq 1 and 
the other was in a complete-ish P1 that I took the CPU card cage and 
power supply out to make it light enough to get up the steps. There are 
some pretty big rubber isolators holding the disk assembly to the frame 
and yes at the moment it's all stored vertical with the disks pointing up.

> If it would be useful, when the time comes, I have a couple of ring
> binders here containing some ICL documentation from 1984-86. E.g. my
> Perq Specialist Training Notes and a set of Customer Service Information
> Sheets - for example see listing here:
>      http://paste.c-net.org/RocketsSymbols
> These have some part numbers and tips which might perhaps be useful.
> I don't have a Perq, but I would love to get copies of any software that
> could be retrieved from these systems (Still looking forward to playing
> Pool (i.e. the game, with the balls) by Nigel Bond (?).

Ok. They're safe now and I'll see what else I can retrieve before the 
end of year. My best chance might be to get the two Canon printers out 
of there; they are blocking access to other stuff and that would give me 
room to move more of the Sun junk out of the way to unearth these.

Maybe I'll also get the Kaypros out of there as well to unearth that 
Compucom thing.


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