RL02 Tracking

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Mon Dec 21 17:09:27 CST 2020

On 12/21/2020 01:08 PM, Aaron Jackson via cctalk wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I've posted a few times over the years about RL02 drives and my
> difficulty getting them working (no luck so far!). I've spent the past
> few days working on one of them and have made some progress.
> The status currently is that the heads will load, and the ready lamp
> flashes as the heads wobble back and forth very slightly,
I dropped an RL02 cartridge, and needed to get it to load 
one more time to get programs off it.
The ready lamp was a dim, slightly flickering glow.  I 
figured the platter had been knocked off center.
I loosened the bolts at tapped it a bit until it looked 
better centered.  It took a couple tries, but then the ready 
light came on fully bright, and I was able to mount the disk 
and read it.

I don't know if that could be your problem.  If you get a 
solid servo signal with the motor disconnected, then this is 
not the same problem.


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