IBM lamps required

Adam Thornton athornton at
Thu Dec 17 23:33:19 CST 2020

> On 12/16/2020 05:40 PM, robinson--- via cctalk wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am setting up an IBM 2803 and 2804 INTEFACE test panel.
>> I need some lamps and lamp holders for it,
>> lamp voltage not important,
>> lamp color not important.
>> Does anyone have any for sale
>> or know where I can get some please.
> These are going to be VERY hard to find.  Some people have 
> saved 360 front panels, but are not likely to part with the 
> bulbs.  What you might need to do, if function is not 
> required, is to get a single lamp from somebody, and 3D 
> print some pieces to assemble into a facsimile.

Last time I was at the Living Computer Museum, I talked to the guy restoring their 370 panel, who was using LEDs, because the original bulbs are all but unobtainable and do not lave a long service life.  This is likely to be something you end up needing to approximate with modern components.


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