WTB: CompuPro / Godbout RAM 17

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757.org
Tue Dec 15 13:27:52 CST 2020

> Were you the winner of the eBay auction? It went for a very reasonable 
> price. It was very difficult for me to not bid on it - those are great 
> boards for use with early S100 systems :)
> Mike

Hello! I actually did not bid on it. Someone else from the community sold 
me one. The irony is for the exact same price that the eBay one sold for, 
which was a price we agreed on before the ending of the eBay auction.

In my case I have an IMSAI with a Northstar controller and a deramp SIO 
board, so I need the hole in RAM. I had a RAM board with the phantom 
signal stuff I think but it didn't seem to work.

I just want to be able to run Northstar DOS and CP/M. Most likely when 
events start up again it will go to an event or two (Carefully) where the 
public can play on it. I will probably put a terminal out but keep the 
machine behind glass (so to speak) due to the switches being 

I also use that board that emulates hard sectored disks and it works well.

                - Ethan

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