Ouch, but 2 Perqs out.

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sat Dec 12 16:56:40 CST 2020

This was a long day. Went over to the house and started working on 
getting the Perqs out of the basement. I've been moving smaller stuff to 
make room and it was time.

First up was a Perq1 chassis that just had the big disk drive in it, 
side and rear panels. I figured it was lightest and after taking off the 
sides and top was able to lift it and carry it up steps. Still heavy and 
bulky, but it made room and a path to get to the second one.

The second one was a mess but a lot heavier: It still had the card cage 
in it and I was not going to be able to lift. So I figured out how to 
take the sides, top, front, back, and bottom (pounds are made of ounces) 
and then spottted the screws that hold the card cage and power supply in 
the box. Bless the people at perq, those two screws out and you can lift 
the cage out the side of the box.

The card cage without cards (took them out to lighten) was heavy but I 
got it up the steps. Then with a herculean amount of effort I managed to 
carry the rest of the box up, followed by the sides, top, front, back, 
and bottom plates.

There are still two more Perqs down there. They have heavier front 
plates (I was able to take them off) with real shielding. They were 
different designs, so they were not Perq1s and they are not the same as 
each other.

Question: Are there any pictures of other types of Perqs?

Unfortunately they are still buried under old Sun gear and a Vaxserver 
of some sort. So I'll have to think about those, but they will need to 
come apart as well.

Question: Do the card cages and stuff come off the later Perqs as well?

Also got two different types of keyboards that say Perq, and a monitor 
that looks like a big fat white Vetrex and says Three Rivers.

Question: What does a Perq mouse look like?

At least this stuff will not be junked. I'll take pictures and such 
tomorrow and throw a tarp over everything tonight because I'm too tired 
to get it out of the truck.

I swore off high-mass hobbies for a reason....

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