Atari ST diskettes

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Mon Dec 7 12:36:47 CST 2020

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>>> Well, I guess for some anything that does not require you to
>>> toggle inthe boot loader or doesn't have a teletype console
>>> terminal is surely toomodern to even consider.
>> :-D
>> One of the things I enjoy about this group is that some of
>> thediscussions and the memories make me feel young...
> The first computer I  was paid to write software for didn't require me
> to toggle in a boot loader: The IBM 1401 in 1966.

Then there was the CDC 6000 series, where the boot loader was simply a matrix of switches, 144 switches in 12 rows of 12.  You'd mostly just set it once and leave it alone, except that the field service boot code was slightly different so one or two rows had to be changed back after the early morning daily field service run.


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