Help needed identifying old MFM drives from the excavation

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Dec 6 23:28:19 CST 2020

> Yeah, the later models used 5.25" media; the rare PERQ 2 used 8" 
> Micropolis drives, and the PERQ 1/1A used 14" Shugart SA-4000 drives.

Ok, is there a picture of a Micropolis 8 inch anywhere? If so I can 
watch for it. The other oddball is the Miniframe, that box had no drives 
any idea what they might have used for that?

> 8" floppy media exclusively.

That helps. Couple of boxes of floppies I'll keep an eye out for more 8 

> That's a 14" Shugart SA-4000, given that it came from Bob's basement, 
> definitely a PERQ disk.  Tough to read without a PERQ but there may be 
> some options nearby you, if you manage to extract it from the basement.  
> Make sure the spindle and heads are parked before moving.

Ok. Is there typically other stuff in that box? If I can take the drive 
physically out and take the side skins off it might be light enough to 
get up the steps. I'll bring a set of screwdrivers on the next trip out 
and a nice head mounted lamp....

Finally what would be the priority of bringing out one of the printers? 
They look like LJ1 engines and those were heavy but movable.


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