Help needed identifying old MFM drives from the excavation

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Dec 6 20:24:55 CST 2020

As the excavation of Bob's junkpile continues I have finally hit the MFM 
layer. Specifically about 10 5.25 hard disks that look to be old style 
MFM drives.

Vertex V150
Miniscribe 6085
ST 4038M Seagate Franklin telecom AT-40
Miniscribe 3650 HH
Seagate ST4096
Priam ID45-H
Rodime RO203E
Real ST506
Pair of ST412's.

Anyone recognize what kinds of systems may have used these? The RD54 is 
of course DEC, and I'm guessing the ST506 and 412's were from either a 
Rainbow or a Professional/350. But the rest are weird. Maybe Convergent 
miniframes? Probably not PC's as Bob had a lot of weird stuff.

Thoughts? I'll see if I can get a mfm reader and suck data into files I 
can post for others to read/try/giggle at. But as there isn't much 
labelling I have no idea what is on them.

Also did find Wordperfect and speller for what I think is Rainbow on 
5.25 floppies. Let me know if you need a copy, or if a copy exists in 
archives (also two DEC disks for Learning the Rainbow or something like 


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