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>> Q: although WE call it "Apple I", did the Steves call it "Apple I" or "Apple Computer"?
>> The answer tells us whether they were explicitly planning on  making other models later!
>> Wikipedia (a terrible choice of citation in anything DISPUTED) says that the '1' came later, and says that the first demonstration was by Woz at the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club.   (Started by Gordon French and Fred Moore, with Lee Felsenstein soon after)
>> For example, what we call "TRS80 Model 1" was NOT called "Model 1" until the "Model 2" (and then 3) was announced
>> What we call "World War 1" was not called "1", nor even "World War", until "World War 2" was obvious.
>> What we call "single density" was not called "single density" until MFM was developed, and the MARKETING people called MFM "double density".

On Wed, 26 Aug 2020, Hagstrom, Paul wrote:
> Kind of hopping in in the middle of an ongoing discussion that I haven't been following, but:
> The circuit boards say "Apple Computer 1" on them.  So they had the optimistic "1" in the name originally.

Thank you.
That is more trustworthy and definitive than Wikipedia.
It shows that they considered the possibility that it was not solely a 
one-shot venture.
It may seem like an irrelevaant piece of trivia, but it is interesting to 
go back to what our expectations had been.

Yeah.  I know.  Like how I felt that it was important to create captions 
for "Hyperland"

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