1U VAX, was: Re: Computer stores

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Tue Aug 25 13:46:21 CDT 2020

> I was going to comment that the only way I could see a 1U VAX was if 
> someone rack mounted a 4000/VLC.  Is that the stock VLC power supply? 
> My cluster doesn?t even have that much space.
> What do you use to go from SATA to SCSI (SCSI-1 even)?

It's a standard 1U power supply with a custom adapter. You can see it 
better here:


I use a SATA to IDE adapter, then an IDE to UW-SCSI adapter, then an 
UW-SCSI cable and terminator, then finally a 68 to 50 pin adapter.

The previous drive was a Samsung SSD, but I think that constant, non-stop 
swap use wore it out. This was the smallest new spinning rust drive I 
could find.

SCSI2SD would work for a while, but, again, swap usage would wear out an 
SD card in no time, I'm sure.


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