VAXcluster: booting a satellite node

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Tue Aug 25 11:48:30 CDT 2020

I'm trying to set up a VMS cluster and obviously I've forgotten 
something since I last did this (which was maybe 15 years ago!).

My boot server (CLU071) is SIMH on Windows. It's the MicroVAX 3900. I've 
installed VMS V7.1, DECnet Phase IV and UCX.

My satellite is a VAXstation 4000 Model 60 (VS4060). It boots perfectly 
happily from a physical disk.

On CLU071 I ran @CLUSTER_CONFIG and made it a boot server. It took a few 
reboots to get everything set up, and then I did the same to tell it to 
prepare a root ([SYS10]) for VS4060.

Now when I do


on the VAXstation (VS4060) it says:

%VAXcluster, system loaded ...

%VAXcluster, unable to locate BOOT file

and on CLU071 I get:

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  25-AUG-2020 17:05:32.18  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user DECNET on CLU071
DECnet event 0.3, automatic line service
 From node 1.51 (CLU071), 25-AUG-2020 17:05:32.18
Circuit QNA-0, Load, Requested, Node = 1.52 (VS4060)
File = DISK$OPENVMS071:<SYS10.>, Operating system
Ethernet address = 08-00-2B-2E-19-6C

It does look like it's all set up properly:



I did undo all of this using CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM and had another go with 
CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN.COM, but that doesn't load either. It fails to load 

I know people on this list have done this successfully, so rather than 
continuing to stumble, I think I might as well just ask :-)



Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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