Dolch (DLI) Logic Analyzer C100 Disassembler Roms?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sun Aug 23 07:35:51 CDT 2020

Hi guys,

I have three Dolch Logic Analyzers, the two bigger ones are Palas
<someting> Analyzers, one of them with an highspeed option, the third is
an Compact 100 Analyzer. For the bigger ones I have Disassemblers for
8080/8085 and Z80 as far as I know. I want to use the C100 with a Z80
disassembler, but the ROM images are different it seems, the roms don't
work in the C100.
 Has anyone the rom images for the C100 Z80 disassembler?

Kind Regards,

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