Card edge connectors for individual Qbus wings

Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez ce.murillosanchez at
Thu Aug 13 13:03:26 CDT 2020

systems_glitch via cctalk wrote:
> Douglas's boards are good quality, but IMO their edge connector socket is
> inappropriate for DEC boards. It's not deep enough, it does make contact
> but on e.g. the extender cards, it doesn't provide enough mechanical
> support for the boards, like the old DEC extenders do. I suppose it's what
> we're stuck with for now, though. It'd probably be OK in a backplane with
> card guides.
> Their prototyping boards are also solid, I've ordered from them on several
> different projects.
> We now have our own DEC pattern quad height prototyping board, too:
> It's pad-per-hole, no edge connector pinning is assumed, so that it can be
> used on anything that takes DEC connectors (the need that prompted it was
> work on a VT05). The only annoyance with the Douglas protoboards is that
> some of them assume what's going to be power and ground, and you end up
> having to cut traces. Ours can also be sheared in half down the middle to
> make two dual-height cards.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
Thanks for the advice and info.  As long as it makes contact, it will be 
fine for my purposes.

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