Acer-Altos System 4500

Marco Rauhut marco at
Sun Aug 9 08:00:12 CDT 2020

Hi List

I have here a Acer-Altos System 4500. It is a 486/33 EISA System with an 
Altos Basic SCSI Bsc(e) Controller.
It has an Altos Multidrop/2 EISA Controller (to controll TCU Boxes that 
handle RS232 Ports) and a VGA1024i EISA Graphics controller.

My mision is to bring that System back to life respectively get access 
to the Discs. The built in SCSI Disk are running and i have created 
Images of this Disks in a Linux PC.
But i can not boot the System by one of this Disks. I remember that on 
this disk is some sort of Altos SCO Unix System V installed.

Did sombody here on the list have documentation or the original 
Installationmedia (QIC-525) for that system?


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