DEC VR260 service docs / common failure modes?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Aug 9 02:10:58 CDT 2020

Hi all --

Picked up a non-functional but otherwise nice looking DEC VR260 (19" b&w
monitor) on the cheap, hoping to use it with my VAXstation 2000.  From what
I've read, these were never the most reliable displays.  Curious if anyone
has any information on common failure modes, or has service docs squirreled
away somewhere.  I've at least found schematics, so I have something to go
on, but it's not exactly the most straightforward design I've poked at.

Right now when powered up I hear a repeated low hum from the transformer
followed by a soft ticking noise so I'm guessing I've got power supply
issues at the very least.  Unsure what I should expect the monitor to do if
it's not being fed a valid video signal (I haven't yet tried to hook the
VS2000 up to it) -- whether it'll go into free-running mode or do mostly
nothing until it has something to sync to...

Thanks as always,

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