Got the RX01's running and TSX

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Apr 28 19:39:50 CDT 2020

So I got the RX02 drive up and going with the RXV11 controller. Man it's 
interesting to hear those old disks *click*. Both work (which is good) 
and now I'm starting to look through my old disks.

Interesting issue: Many of my disks are formatted RX02. So I need to dig 
out my RXV21 controller from some box around here and see if that works. 
I never liked the RXV21: It's only 18 bits, does DMA, and is quite weird 
in a 4mb pdp11. But I would like to get this data off.

I also uncovered my old TSX disks. I have TSX+ 6.5, 6.4, and TSX 
5.something here on double sided RX02 disks. Looks like my support 
contract ran out in 1991, I'll have to see about renewing that....

Anyone here still running TSX, or did everyone go to RSX11M+?


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