[EXTERNAL] Wanted, Papertape Reader for Archiving Tapes

Bob Roswell broswell at syssrc.com
Tue Apr 28 12:15:14 CDT 2020

Bill, I have one of the models (not sure which one would have to climb around in the warehouse of these http://www.baudot.net/teletype/M43.htm  From memory, it looks like the M3450.  Welcome to borrow it!  But it could also be one of the others on this page


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Hi - COVID project.... I have been attempting to read some old Honeywell
DDP-516 papertapes using the OP-80A or Teletype reader but it's inefficient and I don't want to damage the tapes.  Does anyone have a reliable papertape reader for sale, or recommend one currently out there on Ebay, for the purpose of archiving papertapes of any kind safely and reliably.  I have a reasonable budget.  I have a lot of tapes that need to be archived, so I'd want one that I can interface with to capture into TAP files or what
I would call a raw dump listing of the data in 8-bit Hex.   MITS, SWTPc,
Z80 stuf, PDP 8, PDP 11, Honeywell, etc.

End goal is to load tapes into simH, PDPGUI, Altair/S-100, textfiles to display tapes.  I want to be able to view the tape as it would be in Intel or Motorola format, etc.  What does everyone else do?

For example:

Thanks for any advice.


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