Bob Davis and old computer stuff

Chris Zach cz at
Sat Apr 25 19:13:24 CDT 2020

Well, it's dark, dirty, and a mess. Also stressful as hell to be down 
there in a respirator, bandana, and long sleeve clothes.

So let's do a guided imagery.

Picture 1: This is down the first "aisle" On the left is a TRS80 Model 
3, On top of it is a crappy word processor. Those boxes in the distance 
are sun disk boxes. That shelf on the right is full of old 5.25 drives. 
I could see RD53's and the like, probably MFM and SCSI

Picture 2: A bit more to the right and more clear. You can see RX50's 
and a really weird computer in three boxes. Also can see the first pdp11 
and if you look in the center you can see the back of the perq, a pdp11 
in a really little bx with a 4 slot single width backplane, and the Sun 
VME system that looks like a very large PC.

Picture 3: You can see the hard disks and that weird 3 computer system. 
One box is on top, other two boxes are on shelf beneath.

Picture 4: Fail, not enough light. His old AV gear, probably trash at 
this point.

Picture 5: LK201 keyboards, what I think is a Sun2 keyboard, weight IBM 
thing with a wire and a switch on top. Old Macintoshes in the background.

Picture 6: Side picture of another bookcase, lot of weird books.

Picture 7. Close up of some odd stuff. The thing in the middle is a GST 
something. Blurred, very little light.

Picture 8: That's the Perq under that pile of wires.

Picture 9: Closer picture of that GST thingie. No idea what it is.

Picture 10: AT&T manuals. There are also others, what are they? Perq?

Picture 11-13: Pile of VME? boards. Are they old Sun boards? Some look 
to be memory on DIP chips.

Sorry the pictures suck. As I said, you have no idea how stressful it is 
to try and take pictures with a flashlight, gloves, and a fair amount of 
stress overall by looking at this pile. It's all dry which is good, 
there are also at least 2 Kaypro 4 units there.


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