Dixie Canner CPT 8000?

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Fri Apr 24 20:58:17 CDT 2020

Does anybody have a wp made by AES?

In the late 70's, they were experimenting with voice recognition for 
their systems. We were a nearby DEC Components OEM and had a hundred or 
so LSI11/23 modules in stock.  They sent an engineer over to our plant, 
took out the whole stock, and replaced the 13.824 MHz clock crystal 
module with the output of a function generator to see how high they 
could overclock it to get the response they needed for voice 
recognition. I think they bought the 4 or 5 that passed diagnostics with 
the highest clock speed, somewhere near 40 MHz IIRC.



On 24/04/2020 21:50, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> It really is a shame that little attention is paid to the early WaPro
> vendors.  I remember that we had an Artec system, with a floor-standing
> dual 8" drive box and a Diablo KSR Hitype with an attached one-line display.
> Artec was acquired by Dictaphone, who was then swallowed by Pitney
> Bowes, who then got out of the rather crowded word processor market.
> I can't find a photo of the original blue Artec box on the web; only the
> later PB "Dual display" models.
> I mean, who remembers Qyx or Vydec?
> --Chuck

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