pdp11/84 PMI memory: What is the problem with Q bus?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Apr 24 11:23:12 CDT 2020

    > From: Jerry Weiss

    > uNOTE # 028 indicates that MSV-11 JB/JC (M8637-B/C) doesn't do block
    > mode.

I went and looked at uNOTE #28, after I found it (it's not in the initial set
of uNOTEs, but in the second set - the so-called 'OEM uNOTEs"; note that the
numbers were re-used between the two sets, so there are _two different_ uNOTE

I couldn't find anything there about the JB/JC not doing block mode? All it
says is they "can not be used in a Q-BUS system due to gate array


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