Kennedy 9800 - Power-up tips?

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Apr 23 22:19:35 CDT 2020

On 04/23/2020 07:43 PM, Anders Nelson via cctalk wrote:
> Hey this is all super useful info, thanks!
> Any idea how to visually identify a tantalum cap? I suppose I could Google
> it but maybe standards have changed between 1984 and 2020?
They would be small ones on the circuit boards, not likely 
in the power supply, but possible.
Generally, the old ones from the '70s and 80's would have 
what looks like an aluminum can
wrapped with clear plastic (probably shrink tubing) with the 
label printed on the metal part.
There will be some kind of epoxy plug poured in one end.

Another type look kind of like teardrops, they are dipped in 
epoxy and have two skinny leads
coming out of the narrow part of the teardrop.


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