Pdp11/05 boot media

Malcolm Macleod malcolm at avitech.com.au
Tue Apr 21 17:48:50 CDT 2020

> Hi everybody


> I'm the proud owner of a PDP11/05 system with a couple of 8" floppy
drives.  I believe they are likely to be RX01s.


> Does anybody on the list have some boot media that they could provide.  I
understand that the controller can't format

> the disks so I'm in a frustrating state where I don't know where to start.


> Doug Jackson


> Canberra  Australia.


Hi Doug,


I'm in Melbourne and have several working PDP-11's.  I can send you a couple
of bootable RT11 8" disks.  I'll need to know whether they are RX01s or
RX02s though.  Perhaps send me an email offline and we can take it from



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