VAXmate PSU fixed, but no video

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Sat Apr 18 12:54:40 CDT 2020

> There were two VT220 designs (I think), using either an onboard or
> offboard flyback. The part number of the onboard flyback is 16-26299-01,
> and there are some available on eBay if you are feeling rich.

I don't want to hijack Rob's thread too much :-)

I actually have one of each design and the one with the offboard transformer
(I think) works. The board layouts are different but the components seem
to be the same.  It is hard to be sure whether the only differences between
the transformers relate to their mounting arrangements.  I tried swapped some
of the HV components back and forth between them to eliminate them from
suspicion.  I didn't dare try swapping the transformers in case they are
not electrically identical and because I didn't want a fault elsewhere in
the bad terminal damaging what is probably my only good transformer.

I have the part number for the other type of transformer somewhere but
I can't locate it right now...

Peter Coghlan

> Cheers,
> Aaron

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