DEC QBUS Backplanes

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Sat Apr 18 06:50:21 CDT 2020

This is an interesting discussion.  I may have to dig thru my
boxes and see if I still have the box this backplane came in.
Lots of time to do  it.

But, on another note, I was planning on sending it to
someone when the thought occurred to me last night.  I
can't.  I don't even know if the Post Office is still
open other than for picking up mail from PO Boxes.
Haven't been anywhere near it in weeks and don't
anticipate going anywhere in that direction for several
more weeks.

But, I have other things that will need to go, too, Some that
can't be practically sent. Like a currently non-functioning
RX02 box.  Might need to find someone close enough to pick
this stuff up when life returns to something closer to


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