pdp11/05 key?

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Apr 9 12:42:25 CDT 2020

>>>> MOST of the other PDP machines use the XX2247 key, which is a tubular one.
>>>> But, THIS thread is about the weird one that is NOT tubular.
>>> Here is my locksmith-cut 11/05 key attached to my pdp11 keyfob:
>>> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3110483
>> The key fob is pretty cool!
> But, we like hardcore porn.
> How about some pictures of the machine?
> (key in the lock, with covers off, and panels open!)

On Thu, 9 Apr 2020, Norman Jaffe wrote:
> I hope that you mean 'hardware porn', not 'hardcore porn'... :)

We like hardcore hardware.
Got any pictures of bare core planes?

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