ICL1501 Cobol manual available

jos jos.dreesen at greenmail.ch
Tue Apr 7 12:46:07 CDT 2020

Since you are all talking COBOL now :


There is the manual for the early 70´s COBOL implementation for the ICL1501, a small 8K or 16K TTL based personal computer ( TTL based CPU, with 2x 74181 ALU and a 32x8 CRT display)

Not the best of scans, but that alas reflects the material I have.

Some other  doku on the ICL1501 is also included :  an operator guide and tape utilities user guide.

I do have the tape with the COBOL itself, alas no way yet of gettig it on modern hardware.

And if anyone has dokumentation on the ICl1503 or 1501/43, in particular the Diablo drive interface then I sure would like to see it !

Have the kontroller, but no documentation...

Al, as always, feel free to add any and all to bitsavers.


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