State of New Jersey needs COBOL programmers

Alan Perry aperry at
Sun Apr 5 18:56:54 CDT 2020

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>> Stories like this abound.  Wasn't California DMV running RCA Spectrolas
>> well into the 80s?
>> --Chuck
> I did write some COBOL on the IBM 1410 which I worked on while I was a
> student (COBOL for which was surprisingly capable), DOS/VS, OS/360, MVS,
> and so on.  I found it to be:

I got my Computer Science degree in '86 and most of the programming for 
my classwork was in C and ran on BSD UNIX on a 11/750. I also worked in 
the school's computer center on a DECsystem-20.

My first job out of school was doing system software at Burroughs. The 
stuff that I was working on initially ran on all three lines of 
Burroughs mainframes sold at the time and, at Burroughs then, that meant 
it was written in COBOL. So, my first week at Burroughs was spent 
learning COBOL.

At school, everyone said that COBOL was evil. But after I had worked 
with it for a while, though I thought it was verbose, I didn't find it 
that bad to work with.


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