Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Mon Apr 6 13:47:51 CDT 2020

On 2020-04-05 23:41, J. David Bryan wrote:
> My acquaintance with the HP Time-Shared BASICs is only passing, and you
> didn't mention where you picked up the CSL image, but the ones at 
> Bitsavers
> appear to be selective dumps of various accounts.  For those, you'd 
> want to
> do a selective load of the desired files from the tape image.
> If you're using the 2000F kit from the trailing-edge site, you can use 
> the
> "tsb-man" startup file to begin a manual system startup.  You'd answer 
> the
> startup questions as follows:
>   NUMBER OF PORTS? <just press ENTER>
> At this point, mount the CSL tape on the tape drive and then enter the
> account and file names of the files you wish to restore.  When you 
> enter
> the END command, the system will load the named accounts or files from 
> the
> tape.

Okay that is pretty much what I had been trying. Glad to know I haven't 
lost the ability to read a manual in my old age. Beginning to think the 
copy on Bitsavers isn't compatible. The first few tries I didn't see any 
messages, it just went on to the enter date and time and start up but 
when I'd check the account's directory there was nothing there. The last 
couple of times I tried I did get a message about something unsupported 
and listed something about 200 vs 1500 iirc (block size??). It asked if 
I wanted to take responsibility and continue which I said yes but still 
nothing appeared to be restored.

I'm using the stock system from with 
the 2000F TSB software kit from there as well. There is nothing but a 
couple of test programs installed with that setup. The CSL tape image 
comes from Bitsavers as well and was the only copy I've found. It is 
listed as the 2000F CSL so figured it was compatible. Could the Simh 
hardware configuration in the default set up need to be changed? Looked 
like you could simulate different tape drives.

> One caveat: I don't know, but I suspect that the selective dump tapes 
> are
> version-specific, i.e., one for 2000 Access won't work on 2000F.  I 
> don't
> know with which systems the Bitsavers tapes are compatible.

I assumed so as well, I have another tape image I know is from a 2000 
Access system and didn't bother to try it.

David Williams

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