Old FORTRAN programs, libraries, graphics

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 6 05:00:53 CDT 2020

Emanuel, I have you covered with FORTRAN graphics.

I have your 3d wireframe, and rendering too with MOVIE.BYU.  The greatest 3D and animation package in its day, say late 70's early 80s.

Martin Hepler gave me the latest, I got most of it working, but.... aaa well something took me away.

Let me put it up somewhere.

I also have VERSAPLOT, the Versatec graphics package.  Does one cool thing, since they made electrostatic printers.  Its got a Laing Barsky rasterizer in it.  You do your plot with all the great stuff, then it generates a vector list and rasterizes it for the printer.

Give me a day and I will put it up somewhere.


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Subject: Old FORTRAN programs, libraries, graphics

Being stuck at home, was musing the idea to look into some graphics
software from the '70's, or early 80's ...

Looking for some wire frames, hidden line removal, 3d graphics...

Any pointers?

View month ago or longer, somebody on this list recovered some large
package of FORTRAN code, and wanted to invest it, but I think it was
posted under a wrong subject, so I can't find it anymore ...


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