State of New Jersey needs COBOL programmers

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat Apr 4 23:47:22 CDT 2020

On Sat, 4 Apr 2020, Jeffrey Brace via cctalk wrote:

In December 1999, they were looking for COBOL programmers.

They were told to update their software.

Now, 20 years later, they are looking for COBOL programmers, to start the 
update project.

In another 16 years, they will need to send John Titor back in time to 
look for a 5100.  Maybe by then, they will realize that the 5100 was not 
the only machine that could run APL.

I will repeat my standing offer.  In exchange for a ONE-WAY ride to the 
1960s, I will get him a 5100, and start an investment portfolio to fund 
the project.  I will now sweeten the deal, and promise to also do COBOL 
for New Jersey for a few years in the 1990s, to try to help make Y2K less 
of a surprise for them, and try to get them started updating their 
If the ride is ROUND-TRIP, then he just gets some documentation for the 

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