Monroe 7860

dwight dkelvey at
Thu Apr 2 12:27:47 CDT 2020

You might dump the ROM and look for ascii strings.
I've wondered if it was possible to glue strops of tape wide enough to cards for these card readers.
Of course, if they were preformatted, it will be a bit more difficult.

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I know this doesn't count as a general purpose computer, but does
anybody have detailed technical information about the Monroe 7860
business calculator/printer?  I think it was produced in the early 1980's.

Specifically, I'm looking for information about the rom OS for this
machine.  e.g. are there more built-in commands like "dir".  Maybe,
is there a basic interpreter I can get at?

On the hardware side, does anybody know about the mag stripe paper
that the machine is supposed to work with?  It appears to store user
data on the mag stripe on the paper that it prints on...interesting
idea, although limited.


Bill Newman

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