Identifying Machine for DEC Memory

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> > Now I'm going to have to find that talk... :)   I was at FOSDEM, but too
> preoccupied with my own talk to go to other talks and run the room too full
> gauntlet.
> I know. Your talk was directly before mine in the same room, and I
> particularly enjoyed it, as I mentioned in my blog about the
> conference. :-)
> This is the blog post:
> And my speaker's notes, video links etc. are here:

Thanks! Nice talk! I wish I'd stuck around but I was kinda fried after my

Surprised you didn't mention that we had 80 column xterms due to 24x80
25x80 terminals from the 70s and 80s. But this mirrored the 25x80 column
3270s from the 60s which mirrored cards which were 80 columns which owe
their existence to Hollerith adapting the Jacquard looms from the 19th
century which automated the looms of the 18th century... :)


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