Which Dec Emulation is the MOST useful and Versatile?

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Tue Oct 24 00:45:41 CDT 2017

Hi DEC Enthusiast's,

If I were to have to decide on just one model DEC PDP system to run in a DEC
Emulator, which one would be the most useful, versatile and has the most
software available for it?

I have only ever used a real PDP-8/e system way back in high school so I'm
not up to par on any other model of DEC PDP system and I only know BASIC on
the PDP-8/e so not much there either.

I hear a lot about the PDP-11.  I found out that there were 16 major PDP
models at one time so I'm not too sure which one to pick.  

I built Oscar Vermeulen's PiDP-8/I which I'm waiting on 1 part for.  Other
than that project which is in a holding pattern at the moment, I have no
other PDP anything running in any form.

Back in the day when Bill Gates and company 1st started out, I had always
wondered how they developed their very 1st software program - Altair Basic.
I was pleasantly surprised one day when I saw a B/W photo of a young Bill
Gates bending over the operator at what looked like a very small computer.
Maybe it was just a terminal.  I don't remember.  I understand they did
software development on a DEC PDP of some sort.  

Finding this out regenerated my interest in the DEC PDP line of computers.  

I have many projects in the works already so I decided to setup a software
emulation of just one of the DEC PDP models.  I have heard a lot about the
PDP-11 which if the information I read is correct was 16-bits.  My PiDP-8/I
is 12 bits.  I understand the PDP 10 was 36-bits and the PDP-15 was 18-bit.
The PDP-11 is the model I hear the most about.  

I also have some experience on some version of  a VAX when I was in the Air
Force so I'm thinking of getting a VAX emulation going at some point too.

So if I'm going to do this, what suggestions, pointers, experiences,
etcetera do you guys have for me.  I am very interested in the DEC PDP
equipment though next to no experience so I have no basis to make a
decision.  This is a serious request so I would definitely like to hear what
you all have to say.  If you have read this far, thank you.  Take care my



Kip Koon

computerdoc at sc.rr.com



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