Cloning A Hard Disk Over The Network Using Ultrix

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Oct 21 05:40:13 CDT 2017

I have a couple of hard disks I want to make dd copies of. I have Ultrix
running on my DECstation 5000/240 with the disk I want to clone attached to
it. The trouble is that I don't have enough disk space on the machine to
clone the disk and then grab the image using FTP. I have been trying to find
a way to pipe the dd output over the network to a SIMH Ultrix machine that
has plenty of disk space. I tried piping dd into rcp, but rcp doesn't seem
to take input from standard input. I have looked at cpio, but that too
appears not to accept input from standard input.


Unix is not my strong point. Are there any other ways I could pipe the dd
output across the network to a machine that has enough disk space?





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