Sparcbook 3TX Hard Drive?

Jerry Kemp other at
Tue Feb 28 21:45:16 CST 2017

However it plays out for you, thanks for sharing with the group.

I always wanted a SPARCbook, never could afford one at the time, and according 
to the wife, now would not be a good time to acquire one according to the wife 
after just picking up a SPARCserver 1000e + 3 large SPARCarray's.

Living vicariously thru your SPARCbook experience now.

Hope everything goes well with this project.


On 02/28/17 10:07 AM, Ben Sinclair via cctalk wrote:
> Hi Jerry, thanks for the info. I do have a some SCSI2SD adapters, though I
> would still have the problem with the weird internal connector and lack of
> a drive caddy to hold anything.
> I mean, I can't use a Sparcbook at the coffee shop with an external
> drive... That would be embarrassing!

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