list issue

Jay West jwest at
Mon Feb 27 18:51:21 CST 2017

So sorry for the temporary email outage on the list. We're moving
datacenters and one of my folks moved several front end mail processors -
not realizing that the classiccmp server which stayed behind was still using


Through the magic of a vpn tunnel between front end mx hosts and the backend
mailstores (classiccmp included), it seems to be back up. I'll talk to the
guy tomorrow to discuss the actual movement of that vm. Yes, IP's will be
changing for the list and all websites hosted therein. But DNS is "a thing",
so should be mostly transparent. Depending on timing, I may go ahead and do
some upgrades and recombine the lists - or may do that after the move.


I'll try to do a better job of coordinating this..





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