HP 2647F cable

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I have  a 2647 or a 2628.. ( has cassettes in it) I thought there  was 
basic  for it... neat.. how  do we generate the tape to load  it?
Bet the rollers in the  drive are toast?
thanks  ed# 
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On Sat,  25 Feb 2017, Dave wrote:

> Also, the online documentation indicates  that there is supposed to be a 
> "BASIC/Autoplot/47" disk, but I only  see an "Autoplot/47" disk among the 
> included floppies.  Is this  likely to contain the BASIC as well, or am I 
> missing a disk?   I'd be interested in any software anyone may have for 
> this  machine.

The HP Museum site has a ZIP file available for  download that has 3 
disk  images:


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