HP 2647F cable

Dave dfnr2 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 25 17:15:52 CST 2017

I just picked up an HP 2467F on Ebay (best offer accepted), and received it yesterday.  It seems to be in great condition, with all the original materials in the original packing.  Unfortunately, the disk and cable were not included.  I did manage to find the disk drive in a separate auction by the same seller, but have not yet received it.
Would anyone here be interested in the original box and packing materials?  Perhaps someone with a 264x series terminal who values having a box?  It's all in great condition, and came packed in a slightly bigger box, so I could ship it out undamaged, if there are any takers.
This is a neat little 8085 computer disguised as a terminal.  It was introduced in 1978, according to the hpmuseum, but this one has a warranty card suggesting a 1982 manufacture date.  This appears to have been sold in Germany by a German distributor.
I'm looking for a cable.  The manuals seem to have the information required to make one, but would rather locate an original if possile.  If anyone has a spare, I'd be interested.
Also, the online documentation indicates that there is supposed to be a "BASIC/Autoplot/47" disk, but I only see an "Autoplot/47" disk among the included floppies.  Is this likely to contain the BASIC as well, or am I missing a disk?  I'd be interested in any software anyone may have for this machine.

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