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I love the wisdom of Allison's remark, that
what some of us still see as "recent current events"
is "ancient history" for the youngsters.


I certainly hope people here don't think I'm a youngster since I just (re)joined
the list.  I started in computers with the 1401.  I didn't look at computer generated
music until I saw the talks at Usenix Nashville 1991.  Especialy the one done by
the guys from Bell Labs.  I always had an interest in music as well as computers
but didn't connect the two at first.  Now I am very interested in MIDI.  I am in the
process of converting an old Baldwin 46H Console to MIDI (as the electronics in it
were shot and beyond possibility of repair.)  Once I had my COCO 3's up again if
I coudn't figure it out myself I was going to ask about interfacing between my
Casio keyboard and my Orchestra-90.  It could prove rather interesting to use
a COCO as the sysnthesizer for the Console Organ once it is rewired. :-)


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