Sun E10000 Historical Enquiry

Robert Ollerton rollerton at
Wed Feb 22 21:05:04 CST 2017

Celerity Computing 6000  (multi processor scalar and vector;; San Diego, CA.
bought out by Floating Point Systems.
then bought out by Cray
then bough out by SUN.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 1:49 PM, Steve Hatle <shatle at> wrote:

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: Sun E10000 Historical Enquiry
> From: Jonathan KatzThere was a guy who I used to talk to who was on one
> of the
> Sun lists and was based in the top-tier hardware development/software
> development out of San Diego, and then later he moved east, but I
> forgot who that was.
> ==
> I know who it is - we're still in contact once in a while. I plan to
> ping him and see if he's interested in participating. I also have
> another friend who drove a number of E10Ks for a large company here in
> the Twin Cities.
> Steve

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