Hello! Finally on cctalk!

Evan Koblentz cctalk at snarc.net
Wed Feb 22 13:37:13 CST 2017

> Hello all! I've tried to sign up for cctalk several times over the years, and never had a successful registration. Seems this time worked.
> I'm Jonathan, glitch on some other lists and forums, I'm the one responsible for glitchwrks.com. I hack on old computers, pre-PC stuff, mostly S-100, PDP-11 (largely QBus), and Ohio Scientific. I do industrial systems engineering/repair, legacy systems support, and server-side programming for $day_job. Also starting to get into *selling* some of my hobby designs as kits.

Glad you finally made it here!

Everyone: Jon will be teaching how to make his hacks, kits, etc. all 
three days of VCF East.

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