Q Bus Music Board

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Tue Feb 21 08:17:23 CST 2017


This has been discussed on this mailinglist before (back in -95 and 
-03). But with very little information came out of that.

I'm curious about the "Q Bus Music Board" that DEC made. What system was 
it used in, what software was available that took advantage of it, how 
would you program it?

All I know is from the cctalk threads and a few pictures from an ebay 
auction, with missleading description, that I missed out on. The number 
on the green handle is "93 08036" and on the PCB there is the number 
"EY-0105E-MS-0101" and it looks like it has two AY-3-8192 synthesiser 

So, does anyone know anything more? 

And if anyone has one they could part with, I'd be interested.

Kind Regards,

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