LGP-Resto Update

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:01:23 CST 2017

For those curious about the status of the LGP-30 restoration, I’ve got a
blog up with the latest.  http://radar58.com/LGP30/

The power supplies are stable, the blower unit was overhauled and new
bearings installed, all the modules have been recapped. I had a noisy
bearing in the memory drum, thankfully it was one that could be accessed
through the pulley end and I was able to inject fresh grease. There were
burnt contacts in one of the open frame relays in the sequencer unit
leading to intermittents. I found a NOS 3-pole version with fresh contacts
and transferred those over yesterday and we now have correct startup. The
‘digital display’ chassis has been worked over with fresh resistors and
this has made the controls much more responsive. The Flexowriter is
behaving and the 6 associated FF's in the machine respond to keystrokes.

All-told, I’m at the point of troubleshooting the scope display- I have a
sad, unintelligible, wavy line, but I believe retrace is derived from the
system clock track on the drum, so that’s my next investigation. Both
vertical and horizontal boards have been rebuilt and tubes substituted with
no change.  -C

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