Sun E10000 Historical Enquiry

JP Hindin jplist2008 at
Mon Feb 20 10:53:18 CST 2017

Greetings to all;

All this talk of favourite machines and getting into the hobby has gotten 
me amped up to work on my E10k. The E10k was always the "coolest" machine 
for me - largely due to the timing of my entry into the industry.

I recently read Tracy Kidder's Soul of a New Machine and was pondering the 
history of the E10k and its start in Cray Research Inc and its subsequent 
sale to Sun. The asset transfer that must've taken place and then how Sun 
turned it around to make it a Sun product and made its impact on the 
market has to be a fascinating story too.

I would love to talk to anyone who was involved in the development, 
transfer, initial rollout and support of the E10k - from both CRI's and 
Sun's perspective. Heck, I'd be fascinated to talk to anyone who purchased 
the machines during their lifespan (1997-2001) and could tell me what you 
used them for.

If you only know of someone that was involved that you might think would 
be interested in talking to me, please pass my eMail address on.

Maybe if I get a big response I could put something together, if there was 
suitable interest of course. But at this point, I'm mostly just 
fascinated for myself.

Thanks to all!

  - JP

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